5 Common Ballet Myths Debunked

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Hello, there peeps! Today I thought I’d debunk some common myths about ballet-because as a dancer, I this drives me crazy! So, without further ado, real ballet!

Myth #1. Ballerinas Are All Skinny, Tiny Wimps

Yeah….no. First of all, we are not all tiny and skinny. I am certainly not an incredibly skinny person, and I dance. In fact, incredibly skinny people often have a lot of trouble in dancing because it’s harder for them to balance. Second of all, dancers are very, very strong. Think about it; we have to support our entire body weight through our toes and ankles. Plus, we have to have iron-strong cores in order to be lifted off the ground and not flop. We also have to hold our legs up at insanely high angles for long periods. We are not weak, guys.

Myth #2. ”Toe Shoes”

UGH! NO! They are known as POINTE shoes, not toe, block, or hard shoes. And don’t you dare spell it ‘Point’. And no, you don’t get them whenever you want. In order to get pointe shoes, you have to have correct technique, a strong core, and your feet need to mostly done growing. Otherwise, you can seriously injure yourself.

Myth #3. We Wear Tutus to Every Class

At my ballet school, we are only allowed to wear cap-sleeved or camisole leotards in our assigned colors, pink tights, and pink canvas ballet shoes. No lace, no keyhole backs, no leather shoes. Except on Saturdays, when we’re there for 4 hours, and we can wear whatever we want, any other kind of attire is frowned upon. We only wear tulle skirts for performances, and actual tutus are usually reserved for older dancers (except this year, I finally get to wear one! JOY!)

Myth #4. All Ballets Are About Princesses

Nope! Take the Nutcracker-not a single princess in that one, unless you count the sugarplum fairy. Don Quixote, Les Sylphides, and Le Corsair are all princess-free. So there. And another note-NEVER watch the Barbie versions of these ballets-they are utterly incorrect.

Myth #5. Ballet is Easy

It’s not. Just no.


Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed my little rant on the myths of ballet- I need to wrap this up quick, ’cause I have class in an hour, hehe.








17 thoughts on “5 Common Ballet Myths Debunked

  1. Omg I’m so sorry but i used to believe most of these xD Except ballet is easy and dancers are wimps like no – just no. How do you balance omg?! I would literally have to get surgery if I tried. Some other assumptions I had before were that ballet was just for girls and that all you did was twirl. But I watched this short film series thing on ballet and dance so I left those theories behind 😂

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    1. I forgive you, now that you have repented. Balancing isn’t easy, but it IS possible. It’s mainly about your alignment and LOTS of practice. Umm…but…er, don’t try. I hear surgery is rather expensive. What film was it? It sounds super cool!

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  2. Oh my gosh yes!!!! Do you get the questions about pointe too? I always get the ones like “doesn’t that hurt?” (Uh, not as much as you’d think person) “have you broken your toes yet?” ( no! You’d only break your toes if A, your shoes are too small, or B, if your shoes are too soft) and “do you have flat feet now?” (No! ) oh I hate it when people say ballet is easy! That drives me crazy! LOL yes! Ballet dancers are NOT weak, I was sitting on the floor with my foot flexed and my 17 year old brother was trying to pull my foot into pointe, but he couldn’t. Awesome post Natalie! It was super fun to read 🙂
    -Katie 🙂

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      1. Yes! I was looking at ballet books on Amazon once and the description said this random girl saw a ballet a had to have a pair of pointe shoes.. I was just like, “And what is she going to do with those? She can’t just randomly decide that she’s going to do pointe because without a whole lot of training and ankle strengthening she’ll break her ankles. A lot of people think you can just go onto pointe, but I had to do ankle strengthening exercises twice a day, every day for three months.
        -Katie 🙂

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  3. I actually used to believe some of these… Sorry! Yeah, once I tried to do some ballet moves… it didn’t work out so well… XD I would love to try ballet or gymnastics. My Mom doesn’t want me to do gymnastics because she thinks I will get really hurt. LOL I loved this post! Great job!


  4. I never really believed any of these things. I actually took ballet a really long time ago I think. I pretty much just remember this one little mermaid costume. I guess I do think of a girl in a tutu when I think of a ballerina, so maybe it’s a stereotype!
    ❤️Diamond @ buildabearsfurever.blogspot.com

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