Updates & More

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Hello, peeps! I’ve got a whole bucket-no, boatload-of news for you guys!

If you read my other blog, you’ll know that I’m slowing my posting down a bit on that blog for a little while. While it’s not specifically to focus on TTC, I will be doing some more on here. Some of these awesome updates are;

  • I’m getting a domain for TTC! I originally wasn’t planning to, but I found a hosting service that (shhh!) has waaaaay better prices than WP. I will most likely be making the big switch sometime in the next two weeks.
  • We’ve got a mascot! Yep, you read that right! I’d like you to meet Jeb, TTC’s officially un-licensed mascot (but don’t you dare steal him).
Fig. 1. Jeb
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock or need glasses, you’ve probably noticed the new ‘Hall of Portals’ page! It’s basically just my unique take on the ‘buttons’ pages other blogs have. If you’d like to trade buttons, just let me know down below!
  • I have a very, very special surprise being set up on TTC’s new site! That’s all I can say currently, though. (sorrynotsorry)
  • This is technically unrelated to blogging, but I’m kind of bubbling over right now…my Mom said we could start looking for another cat to adopt! I’m voting for a seal-gray siamese.

I hope this post wasn’t too random and discombobulated, hehe. I’m certainly looking forward to TTC’s update, are you?



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